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    Delay in Updates

    Due to some server issues there was a delay in updating packages this morning. The server is catching up on all the latest updates now, so you should receive any missing updates soon. Some email/SMS notifications were not sent out, so be sure to check your packages page for the latest updates. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Update: All caught up.

    June 25 · Comments

    Emails Now Include All Of Your Packages

    If you’re using our email notifications and are tracking multiple packages you’ll now get info on all of your packages. On top will be the package that just moved and its status. Below that you’ll see a list of all of your packages, their status and the scheduled delivery date (if available).

    Track all your packages by email

    If you’ve got ideas on how to improve our service, post them at our feedback page.

    June 14 · Comments

    New Features

    Only Get Delivery-Related Updates

    For those of you who aren’t obsessed with every step your package takes, you can reduce the amount of notifications you get with a new option. When adding or editing a package on our website or our Facebook application just check the box for ‘Delivery updates only’. With this option you’ll only receive a notification when your package is out for delivery, delivered, or delayed.

    New Bookmarklet For Adding Packages

    Using our new bookmarklet, you can add packages from any webpage you are on. It provides a quick way to add a new package right from your email, an online shopping cart, or an official tracking page. Check out the bookmarklet page for more.

    TrackThis Package Tracking Bookmarklet

    New: Login with Twitter

    We’ve added some new login options, including Twitter. To use it, login and select Twitter, then you’ll be taken to to login and approve that TrackThis can verify that you own the account. As always, we never have access to any passwords or accounts.

    Announcing: API

    If you’d like to make some widgets or other tools based on TrackThis check out our new API. There’s a simple API available now providing a quick way to add packages, and a full API is currently in testing. Be sure to send an email when you’re done developing or if you’re interested in the full API.

    More Soon

    More features are in the works, be sure to suggest your ideas and keep an eye on the blog and Twitter

    May 25 · Comments

    Announcing TrackThis 2.0

    After a couple weeks of hard work, I’m glad to bring you TrackThis 2.0. Nearly every line of code has been rewritten, and we’ve got some great new features:

    Facebook Application

    We’ve got a brand new Facebook application to track your packages. When one of your packages move, we’ll send you a Facebook notification, and optionally a SMS text message through Facebook. You can also manage your packages and view all the statuses. Facebook notifications

    Email and SMS updates

    Once you’ve signed up on our site, you can turn on email or SMS updates directly from us. A private RSS feed is also available to track all of your packages.

    Same great Twitter features

    Our Twitter service is still here, with its same simple features: just direct message a tracking code and it will send you package updates. If you’ve signed up on our site and connected your Twitter account, you can view/edit the packages you’re tracking through Twitter.

    This blog!

    Be sure to subscribe to our new blog.

    And obviously, a new design

    Thanks to 1080degrees for the brand new design!

    Got feedback?

    If you’ve got any ideas on how TrackThis could be better, please leave feedback at our feedback page, or contact us if you’ve got any questions

    January 19 · Comments